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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Extremely Long Chapters = Extremely Annoying

So I was sitting in the doctors office getting an iron infusion and they told me it was going to take three hours! I figured I might as well let you guys know about the new book I'm currently reading. I had planned on posting this right then and there but once the benadryl kicked in I was out! And that is why this is late! lol

Anywho I am reading Camilla Lackberg's Scandinavian crime novel, The Ice Princess, which is set to debut in paperback in America March 29, 2011.

The Ice Princess introduces us to Erica as she returns to her childhood home in the isolated fishing town of Fjallbacka, after her parents' deaths. She is unprepared for what she finds when she arrives, though- her childhood best friend Alex, dead, her wrists slashed, and her body in a tub of frozen water in her family home.
- Free Press News

I'm really excited for this book, I love crime novels! The action starts off from the very beginning but I don't want to giveaway too much! The only problem I have with this book so far is the extremely loooooooong chapters! It annoys me to the core! I like to read chapters in a book varied in length but I don't know it could just be me having a little OCD moment. I would certainly like to know how do you feel about really long chapters? Annoying or not?

Keep an eye out for my review of The Ice Princess, which I should be posting March 29th.

Jessie D


  1. How long are they? Around how many pages?

  2. the first chapter is 56 pages my friend...
    idk but that feels long to me lol unless I just never noticed before...?

  3. Found your call for followers on BookBlogs - so here I am. Funnily enough I'm having the same long chapter problem with the Norweigan Jo Nesbo's crime novel The Snowman...I keep starting other books while waiting for the break to come!

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower from Book Blogs. I'm not a fan of long chapters either. Or really short ones. I like normal chapters :) 56 pages is one LONG chapter!

  5. @Deborah Thanks so much for following! Ah you share my frustration lol I'm trying hard not to let myself do that with The Ice Princess I just want to get through it! lol

    @Talia I want to thank you so much also, for following! Yeah I agree with you, normal length chapters is what I prefer. lol And thank you so much for the prayers for my family I greatly appreciate it!