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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Angel Song By: Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman

Ann Fletcher hasn't stepped onto Charleston (her childhood home) soil since her grandmother passed away six years ago but her younger sister Sarah receiving her master's degree has brought her back. After dinner, the night before Sarah's commencement ceremony Ann finds herself in the hospital, following an accident, hearing the worst news of her life. With the death of her sister, Ann has no more family, she is now alone in the world. With no choice but to sell her childhood home, Sarah had been living in while Ann lived in New York, she begins to repair it as quickly as she can. However, she keeps getting interrupted by her neighbor's son who has down syndrome and claims to see Angels.
Ann built a wall around herself to hide from her emotions. Her sense of abandonment being her greatest struggle to keep behind the wall forces trust and all other emotions to follow suit. I find Ann's personality slightly similar to my own, keeping me intrigued with Angel Song. Getting a taste of the down home southern hospitality from Angel Song would be an understatement, you actually get a big ol dollop, making you want more. I recommend this sweet story, for everyone, about the life of a woman whose heart is nothing more than a flame of compassion that has long since burned out but with the help of good friends, light a spark to begin the mending of her broken heart. I guarantee once you're done with Angel Song, all you're gonna want to do is cuddle up with a loved one all the while feeling like a big bowl of sunshine on a perfect day.
I participated in a booksneeze.com blog tour and was given the opportunity to receive a complimentary copy of this book and write a review.

Thank you,
Jessie D