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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Time To Dance By: Karen Kingsbury

A Time To Dance is Book One in Karen Kingsbury's Timeless Love Series.

They had a love everyone thought would last a lifetime. John and Abby Reynolds were the picture perfect couple, with a marriage people only dreamed of. To Abby and John the love they once shared feels like just a dream. The relationship that seemed destined by God, the powerful connection physically, emotionally, and spiritually is falling apart. Divorce seems like the only option. Knowing the news is going to bring a devastating blow to family and friends, John and Abby decide to have a family meeting with their children to break the news. But when Nicole, their oldest daughter announces some special news of her own Abby and John realize they can't ruin their only daughters happiness. But can they pretend to be the happy couple they once were, the couple everyone thinks they are, for six more months?

When I requested to review this book, I thought half of it was going to be about the couple fighting while the other half was going to be about them learning to love each other again. You know, the usual christian fiction about divorce.
So I have to say hats off to Mrs. Kingsbury! What a wonderful job! She really struck a cord in my heart! During chapter eighteen I literally had to stop and collect myself, after bawling like a baby, in order to continue reading. This book brought a lot of deep emotions to the surface for me.

With divorce being the norm today when a marriage isn't working, especially with celebrities, this book makes you feel like there is a light in the darkness. Hope. I am a single woman and was content with my lifestyle until I finished A Time To Dance. It made me believe that true love is worth finding. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. I absolutely loved loved loved it! And I really want a chance to read Book Two, A Time To Embrace, in Karen Kingsbury's Timeless Love Series! So don't waste time go read the book and find your love! Believe me you will not regret it. Karen Kingsbury has created a masterpiece with A Time To Dance!

I was given a complimentary copy of this book by booksneeze.com in exchange for an honest review.

Jessie D

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