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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Way Home (DVD)

The Way Home is a movie based on a true story and is definitely a family movie. I watched it with my parents and younger brother. In fact my mother said she remembered seeing this story on the news a while back. The acting was believable except for the mother/ wife, Christal, which was mediocre at best. She didn't seem to be a distraught mother missing her child. But the part of the workaholic father was excellent.
I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to have someone you love go missing, especially an innocent two year old. This movie did bring a little stinging of tears to my eyes. And had me wondering, "would the community have done the same for a child of a different race or ethnicity?" I know with San Antonio, where I live, being such a large city it would probably be next to impossible to even try putting a search party together to go out and look for a missing person, like the small town in this movie did.
I feel like saying these people were extremely lucky with the outcome of their situation but God works in mysterious ways and I believe this family's moment of panic might have changed their lives for the better.
I liked this movie very much and I think if you ever have the opportunity to watch it you will not regret it!
I was given a free copy of this DVD by booksneeze.com in return for an honest review.

Thank you
Jessie D

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